Personality Type


Home region



The Ranger Union


Pokemon Ranger; Top Ranger



Lark Blackwell


Robin Landis


Lina, Sherry

Significant Other

Blaze Templar


Sonia Strumm



Summer was born in Pueltown, Almia, to Lark and Robin. Lark was a former Pokemon Ranger while Robin was still a Mechanic. Lark had retired from being a Ranger when she learned that she was pregnant, opting to take care of Summer than just go on maternity leave. She wanted to be there to watch her grow up and  not have to worry about potentially risking her life and leaving her husband and child alone. Her mother had died in a rock slide while on a mission.

The first two years of Summer’s life were fairly normal with her parents lavishing love on her. But there was a surprise when her mother got pregnant again, this time with twin girls. Summer was ecstatic, going to have little sisters to play with after they grew up.

The next five years passed quickly as well, nothing major happening other than her parents beginning to talk about sending her to the Ranger Academy when she turned ten. It was a young age, but they felt she would be able to handle it well. Lark also talked about possibly going back to Ranger duties after Summer graduated, wanting to oversee her daughter and make sure she was safe.

Things all went downhill soon after that, however. After a normal, beautiful day, the family went to sleep and a terrible thunderstorm rolled in over the Almia region. A bolt of lightning struck the house and it caught on fire. Summer had been asleep with her parents and woke up when the lightning struck. Her parents also woke up and told her to get her little sisters out and hurry. She tried to get Sherry and Lina out of their room, but that was where the fire had started, rendering them trapped in the room where they burned. She heard their screams and tried to go back to her parents, but the door was blocked and she saw them burning alive for several seconds until she ran out of the house.

The traumatized girl ran out of Pueltown and got lost on Union Road, eventually making it to the Ranger Union. They were shocked to see a badly burned seven-year-old girl, soaking wet and shaking. She was completely shut down, not sure how she’d made it through the storm to the Union.

She stayed at the Union for a while with Chairperson Erma watching over her. The elderly woman tried to get her to speak, but Summer stayed clammed up for about six months until a little boy about her age came in with his father. His energy and optimism slowly drew Summer out of her shell and she played with him. She eventually learned his name was Ben and went to live with him and his parents until she was ten. They enrolled both children in the Ranger Academy and they graduated a year later, Summer hoping that her parents were proud of her as she was the top student.

She then worked out of the Ranger Union for several years, going on whatever missions she was assigned without fail. She managed to clear every mission and they all melded together as most were fairly harmless, easy to do ones for her age.

Strangely, she never really bonded with any Pokemon on the partner level, sticking with friend Pokemon. Several made the moves as to want to be her partner, but she never accepted them. They flat out asked her, but she refused, not wanting to burden any Pokemon with having to help her.

There is one mission that will always stick out in her mind and that she will flash back to on occasion.

She was thirteen at the time and told to escort a rich man from Fiore to Almia due to some bad guys that were trying to assassinate him. She managed to get him halfway there safely, but some people attacked and murdered him right before her eyes. He fell into the ocean and got eaten alive by Sharpedo and Carvahna. She felt that she had failed her mission, but it turned out the people that had attacked worked for the organization and had to kill an impostor of their boss.

Summer was shaken to her core from having witnessed that, so she took a short leave to try and get her bearings back. She didn’t manage to get over the traumatic event, but Erma granted her Top Ranger status for completing such a rough mission. Ben also became a Top Ranger around that time with his trusty Staraptor.

About a year later, she was sent to Oblivia due to increasing trouble with some Pokenappers called the Pokemon Pinchers. While flying to the region, she encountered some Pinchers in the sky and they knocked her off her Staraptor and captured Ben. She landed on Dolce Island and managed to stop some other Pinchers from Pokenapping a Pichu that played ukulele. Unfortunately, they got the rest of the Pokemon on the island. So Pichu joined Summer, wanting to get his friends back. She only agreed so he could help, still not wanting a partner.

While in Rasp Cavern on Renbow Island, she yet again encountered the Pinchers, stealing something from a monument and angering Raikou. She chased them up to the Wireless Tower where their leader, Blue Eyes, was waiting. It was there that Summer faced Raikou, then calmed him down, earning his trust so she could register his Sign in her Styler.

After a long series of events, Summer captured Blue Eyes and they traded her to one of her associates, Red Eyes, for Ben. Red Eyes then stole a bit of a monument that caused Entei to attack. Summer was terrified, but managed to calm the Pokemon down and gain her trust so she could summon him as well.

It was after that that Ben told her of putting a tracer on the enemy base while he had been captured. They found a submarine and defeated Blue Eyes yet again, but she crashed the sub and they ended up underwater. They rescued Blue Eyes, though she left, and headed toward Faldera Volcano on a letter that Blue Eyes sent them to make things even.

It was there that they met Red Eyes and attempted to stop him from awakening Moltres, but it didn’t work. He awakened the Pokemon and it flew off. They heard from a grunt that they were going after Articuno and asked Leanne about it. She knew nothing of it other than the rug, so they went off to the rug weaver, Weber, to talk to him.

It was there they discovered that the Pinchers were after Suicune’s monument and Summer went after them, diving to try and stop them. Unfortunately, they got away with the Sign and angered Suicune in the process, leaving Summer to clean up the aftermath. She calmed the legendary down and was then able to summon it.

After that, they headed to Mount Sorbet to try and stop Red Eyes from awakening Articuno, but failed to sop it. Red Eyes left, however, commanding his Pinchers to leave them alone. Soon after that, they went to Cocona Village and found the Rainbow Festival which  celebrated the seeming peace in Oblivia.

But things were not as peaceful as they seemed. A few days after the festival, Rand was attacked by some Pinchers. They kidnapped Nema and Leanne, taking them to the legendary Oblivia Ruins where they met Purple Eyes. He forced Leanne to decode four murals and it told him where Zapdos was asleep: Mount Layuda. Summer tried to get onto the mountain, but the lightning was too fierce for Staraptor to get through.

She was forced to land, then Leanne told her about Latias helping the Hero of Oblivia in the past, though the Sign was hard to get. She had to travel to five small monuments, then go back to Tilikule Island to see the Sign. She captured Latias and was able to summon her. Together, they got through the lightning and attempted to stop Purple Eyes, but Zapdos was awakened anyway.

They followed him to the Oblivia Ruins and found Kasa being escorted by Steelhead into the Ruins. It was there that it was revealed the Arley, Kasa, Dr. Eward and Hocus were part of a group called the Societea that wanted eternal youth. They found the Golden Armor that the old Evil Ruler from the days of yore used to wear.

They also raised the Sky Fortress from its resting place in an attempt to take over the world. The legendary birds formed an impenetrable barrier around the Fortress, forcing Summer and Ben into a corner. This was until Leanne told them about one of the murals which showed a rainbow destroying the barrier.

They hurried back to Cocona Village to obtain the Rainbow Grail again, but they learned the one used at the festival was just made of paper mache. Booker then led them to the real Hero’s Trials which Summer passed easily and they obtained the Grail. But they had no idea where the Rainbow Dias was as it was one of Oblivia’s greatest mysteries. Summer saw it when she fell into the ocean, however, and her Styler gave them the coordinates.

Summer dove into the sea and place the Grail on the Dias which then raised out of the ocean and summoned Ho-oh. She captured it and summoned it with a sign to destroy the barrier. They had some trouble with the security system’s blasts getting in, but they got in.

They then proceeded to defeat Kasa, Arley and Hocus and get to Edward who was the brains behind the Societea. Edward summoned Mewtwo to fight Summer and she captured it. But not all was done. Purple Eyes appeared with the body of the Golden Armor and took control of Mewtwo, ordering it to attack Summer again. She prevailed and the Golden Armor scattered to the winds. The Sky Fortress began to fall and Summer had to summon Ho-oh to make sure a tsunami didn’t destroy Oblivia.

After that, all was at peace, so Summer and Ben were sent back to Almia until three months later. Rand and Leanne were headed to a conference, so a Ranger was needed to make sure everything stayed a peace. Who better than Summer and Ben to watch over the region?

They arrived back in Oblivia and were assigned a mission by Supurna due to the Pokemon in the sky being a rare sight now. The three legendary birds were still awake and angry, thus scaring the others that flew. The pair managed to calm them down, finding out they were under the influence of the Golden Armor. But only three of the four pieces had been found.

A brief transmission from Red Eyes solved that, however, and Summer defeated him in a one-on-one battle. He handed over the last piece and Professor Hastings took it back to the Ranger Union for study.

Summer is now still stationed in Oblivia, nearly two years after the Sky Fortress fell. The region has become her home and she doesn’t want to leave, though she knows there is a time when she’ll have to.

Recently, Summer met a young girl named Sonia Strumm from another world that she shares many similarities with. They bonded very quickly and Sonia has come to see Summer as a mother figure. Summer agreed to be whatever Sonia needs to be, but she’s afraid of messing up and making Sonia leave her.


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